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The stoney backup (on-line backup service) consists of two areas:

  • Server: The actual backup space with some extra functionality like informing the user when the backup space runs full or if a backup was not executed at the planned time.
  • Client: The backup client (for example Sepiola), which is responsible to regularly copy the local data to the backup server.

On the back server the data copied to the backup space ist compared each day to the previous day's backup. If there are any changes found, a copy of the data will be made (a snapshot taken). Thus the user has access to 7 daily, 4 weekly and 3 monthly backups. During each snapshot, only the modified data is copied - thereby making optimal use of the available disk space.

This OpenLDAP related section of the Backup service is described on the stoney backup: OpenLDAP directory data organisation page.

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