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The stoney cloud wiki acts as a collection of all aspects of a high availability cloud infrastructure. It is roughly divided into the following sections:

  • Infrastructure: The basis of the whole ecosystem (Build Server, Binary Package Server, Mirror Server, Puppet Server, Operating System).
  • stoney cloud: An expandable multi-tenant web based Open Source Cloud management solution with service providers as it's target audience.
  • Self-Service Modules: Modules that expand the initial stoney cloud functionality.

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The stoney cloud builds upon the Gentoo Linux Distribution and is dependent on infrastructure projects like:

While this infrastructure will serve stoney cloud in many ways, it may also be used to build cloud independent systems. We want you to be able to deploy desktops or more specialized gear using the same stack the infrastructure projects use to build services and manage machines for the cloud.

Currently some requirements and proposals have been imported from the RaBe Wiki and are being fleshed out and merged into this wiki proper.

stoney cloud Wiki Write Access

If you would like write access to the stoney cloud Wiki, please send us a request.

stoney cloud

The main framework called stoney core is responsible for shared functionality.

  • The basic installation and configuration of the initial stoney cloud components (OpenLDAP server, Apache web server, GlusterFS, ...).
  • Reseller, customer and user management.
  • Roles and rights management.
  • Billing functionality.
  • Searching functionality.
  • A consistent look and feel between modules.
  • Internationalization.

This functionality is accessible via:

  • A REST API, which serves as the data and business logic abstraction layer and uses JSON as the primary data interchange format.

This REST API is currenty accessible via:

  • A command line interface.
  • An Ajax based web interface.
  • Any scripting language which supports a REST API and JSON.

Self-Service Modules

The Self-Service Modules expand the initial stoney cloud functionality. Some examples:

  • stoney conductor: A cloud and virtual machine management tool (storage, network, cpu, memory, virtual machines, backups, snapshots, ...).
  • stoney vm: A simplified sub set of the stoney conductor functionality (start, stop, access a virtual machine).
  • stoney backup: An on-line backup service for desktops, servers and virtual machines.
  • stoney mail: A mail service with optional collaboration functionality (based on Open-Xchange).
  • stoney monitor: Monitoring (with Zabbix).
  • stoney orchestra: Configuration Management (with Puppet).
  • stoney box: An on-line storage service (Webbrowser access via HTTPS, WebDAV via HTTPS and synchronisation to multiple devices).
  • stoney web: Web & Database hosting service (based on Apache and MariaDB).