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  • Mail Domain
    • Add new mail domains.
    • Delete existing mail domains.
    • Rename existing mail domains?
    • Lock a mail domain (until the customer has paid its bill for example)
    • Individual number (from zero to infinite) of mail accounts per mail domain.
  • Mail Domain Alias
    • All emails sent to user@[MAIL_DOMAIN_ALIAS] will be delivered to user@[MAIL_DOMAIN]. For example is forward to
  • Mail Accounts
    • Add new mail accounts.
    • Delete existing mail accounts.
    • Rename existing mail accounts
    • Get used and available Quota of mail accounts
    • Lock a mail account (until the customer has paid its bill for example)
    • Change owner of existing mail accounts.
    • Mail account sizes starting from 100 Megabytes (no upper limit). The size is enforced with a soft quota and a hard quota. The mail accounts can be enlarged by 100 Megabyte steps.
      • Do we allow the user to reduce the account size? --Pat (talk) 08:51, 16 October 2013 (CEST)
    • Absence Notification (dependant on the groupware functionality).
    • E-Mail forwarding with or without a local copy (mails tagged as spam is not forwarded).
    • Each mail account has minimum groupware functionality included (called Groupware Webmail4Free).
    • The minimum groupware functionality can be upgraded to gain the full groupware functionality (Groupware Business Mobility).
    • The full groupware functionality can be downgraded to the minimum groupware functionality.
    • Each mail account can have an infinite number of mail aliases.
    • Password:
      • Change password.
      • Reset password (and send newly created credentials to either person logged in oder to the owner of the mail account).
    • Set language.
  • Mail Alias
    • Define Mail Aliases better.
    • Do we allow mail aliases to other domains without a local mail account.
    • Display Mail Aliases below the mail address in the overall listing?
    • Show Mail Aliases when in Mail Account details view.
    • Add Mail Alias (same way we want to add companies to a person, see SugarCRM and add further mail addresses)
    • Delete Mail Alias
  • Views
    • Try to consolidate edit and normal views?
    • When clicking on Services, then show overview of services?
    • When clicking on Person, the show profile of person?
    • Update Mockups with the newly gained knowledge from the corresponding selfcare interface.

  • Later Phase
    • Spam Filter
      • Modify the level (strength) of the filter.
      • Turn the spam filter off (spam lover).
    • Spam Filter Whitelist
      • Add mail address (these mail addresses and mail domains are let through the filter).
      • Remove mail address.
      • Add complete mail domain.
      • Remove complete mail domain.
    • Spam Filter Blacklist (these mail addresses and mail domains are blocked, no matter what)
      • Add mail address.
      • Remove mail address.
      • Add complete mail domain.
      • Remove complete mail domain.
    • Notifications
      • Quota
      • Newsletter for mail related news,
    • Mass Import of Mail Accounts via CSV file.