Workaround Attach Additional Disk to VM

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It is currently not possible to attach additional virtual disks directly via the webinterface.

What you do in principle:

  • Update the VMs configuration data in the LDAP directory
  • Manually create the virtual disk
  • Regenerate the VM configuration on the node

Step by step

Part I

  • In the vm-manager: Expand the VM entry for the VM you want to add an additional disk to and note the UUID below VM name ($VMUUID)
  • In a shell: Use uuidgen and generate a new UUID ($DISKUUID)
  • Calculate the size of the new disk in bytes: N * 1073741824 for N gigabyte ($DISKSIZE)
  • Open the URL http://YOURSTONEYCLOUD/phpldapadmin/ and login using dc=Manager,...
  • Navigate to: sstDisk=vda,ou=devices,sstVirtualMachine=$VMUUID,ou=virtual machines,ou=virtualization,ou=services,dc=stoney-cloud,dc=org using the tree structure on the left
  • Click on Copy or move this entry and choose sstDisk=vdb,ou=devices,sstVirtualMachine=$VMUUID,ou=virtual machines,ou=virtualization,ou=services,dc=foss-cloud,dc=org as Destination DN
  • Replace:
    • the UUID in sstVolumeName
    • and the same UUID in sstSourceFile with $DISKUUID (warning: in sstSourceFile are at least two UUIDs, replace only the one matching sstVolumeName)
    • the value in sstVolumeCapacity by $DISKSIZE
  • Click on Create and confirm with Commit
  • You should get: Creation successful!
  • Note the first UUID in the attribute sstSourceFile ($POOLUUID)

Part II

  • Login to the VM node on which the VM is/was running
  • Run the following command as root: virsh vol-create-as $POOLUUID $DISKUUID.qcow2 $DISKSIZE --format qcow2 --allocation 0
  • You should get: Vol $DISKUUID.qcow2 created
  • Run: chown root:vm-storage /var/virtualization/vm-*/$POOLUUID/$DISKUUID.qcow2
  • Run: chmod g+rw /var/virtualization/vm-*/$POOLUUID/$DISKUUID.qcow2

Part III

  • Open the stoney cloud webinterface (vm-manager)
  • Shutdown the VM (if not already done)
  • Click first on the edit VM icon and then save (without changing anything)
  • Start the VM again