Managing VMs in extra networks

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The VM-Manager currently provides only partial support for additional networks:

While it is possible to define additional networks and partition them into ranges, the corresponding bridge will not be selected automatically.

The easiest way is therefore as follows:

  1. create a new network plus ranges in vm-manager
  2. create a new VM and VM-Template pool and select the newly created network ranges
  3. Create an additional bridge for this network
  4. create a VM-Template for the network you want to be able to create new VMs in
    • make sure you select the newly created VM-Template pool
  5. via phpLdapAdmin: change the attribute sstSourceBridge of the subentry sstInterface=net0,ou=devices of this VM-Template to match the newly created bridge for the new network
  6. Open the settings for this VM-Template in the VM-Manager and hit Save to make sure the on-disk XML contains the changes.
  7. When cloning VMs from this VM-Template, make sure you select the VM-Pool created for this network. This way the VM-Manager will automatically assign IP addresses matching the network attached to the respective bridge.