2013-08-16 stepping stone GmbH Development Meeting

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Transcript of the stepping stone GmbH Development Meeting

Location stepping stone GmbH, Neufeldstrasse 9, CH-3012 Bern
Date Friday, the 16th of August 2013
Time 13:30 until 14:30
  • Pat Kläy <pat.klaey@stepping-stone.ch>: PKL
  • Tiziano Müller <tiziano.mueller@stepping-stone.ch>: TMU
  • Michael Eichenberger <michael.eichenberger@stepping-stone.ch>: MEI (Transcript)
Non participants
  • Christian Affolter <christian.affolter@stepping-stone.ch>: CAF
  • Christian Wittkowski <christian.wittkowski@devroom.de>: CWI


No. Text What? Who? When?
1 State of the firewall for the stoney cloud and next steps:
  • Node FW sripts are looking good, please make sure, that these scripts are called during the boot process.
    • Init Script calls /usr/local/scripts/netfilter/local/chains/<NODE-NAME>/all_chains.sh.
    • /etc/init.d/stoney-cloud-firewall
  • Remove iptables from default runlevel iptables | default (update stage4 on build system).
  • Create ebuild for stoney-cloud-firewall and/or libvirt-hooks.
To Do TMU 2013-08-22
2 /etc/openldap/ldap.conf needs fully qualified domain name. To Do PKL 2013-08-19
3 Selfcare Interface:
  • Create ebuild for the the Version 0.2.0. Ebuild created but incomplete: awaiting docs from CWI
To Do TMU 2013-08-20
4 OpenLDAP: A Person doesn't have an address.
  • Specification needs to be updated, so only the name of the person is shown.
To Do MEI 2013-08-16
5 OpenLDAP:
  • The credentials leaf need a mail template (txt/html) and a document template (odt/md/xml/...).
  • Schema and specification needs to be updated.

See Backup Reseller Credentials Templates for more information.

To Do MEI 2013-08-16
6 Mail Template: txt
  • Working example is needed including all the header information is needed!.
To Do PKL 2013-08-16
7 Add a second reseller, including the necessary users and some example backups. To Do MEI 2013-08-16
8 Delete Process:
  • Keep for the Online Backup Account, but remove from Person and Customer.
  • The complete delete process will be defined during the holiday of CWI.
  • We need to consider the cancellation period.
  • Will be implemented then.
To Do MEI 2013-08-28
9 Plan the procedure for the final hardware installation.
  • Goal: Installation on Thursday, the 15th of August 2013 (if necessary with a night session).
  • Check risk with uplink provider.
  • Finalise the switch configuration.
To Do TMU 2013-08-17
10 Online Backup Accounts I:
  • Can we tell jailkit to build a complete chroot environment?
  • If yes, can we use jailkit to update the existing chroot environments?
To Do TMU 2013-08-14
11 GlusterFS Fuse Mount:
  • We'll start with a 1 Terabyte large qcow2 file for the backup storage space.
  • The Fuse Mount is delayed for a week or two.
Info All 2013-08-14
12 Online Backup Accounts II:
  • Update the prov-backup-rsnapshot daemon according to the results above.
To do PKL 2013-08-14
13 Templates (for the selfcare interface and the different provisioning daemons):

A mechanism must be created, which copies the templates to the different servers, so that the different provisioning daemons have access to the templates.

This means, the document Backup (OpenLDAP) needs to be updated.

The language is comes from the preferredLanguage attribute.

This task is closely related to task no. 6 from above.

To do MEI 2013-08-14
14 nss-pam-ldapd:
  • Check configuration.
To Do TMU 2013-08-14
15 Info All 2013-08-16