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The Self-Service Modules expand the initial stoney cloud functionality. Some examples:

  • stoney conductor: A cloud and virtual machine management tool (storage, network, cpu, memory, virtual machines, backups, snapshots, ...).
  • stoney vm: A simplified sub set of the stoney conductor functionality (start, stop, access a virtual machine).
  • stoney backup: An on-line backup service for desktops, servers and virtual machines.
  • stoney mail: A mail service with optional collaboration functionality (based on Open-Xchange).
  • stoney monitor: Monitoring (with Zabbix).
  • stoney orchestra: Configuration Management (with Puppet).
  • stoney box: An on-line storage service (Webbrowser access via HTTPS, WebDAV via HTTPS and synchronisation to multiple devices).
  • stoney web: Web & Database hosting service (based on Apache and MariaDB).


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