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The functionality of the stoney cloud can be expanded with the help of modules. All the main modules have stoney and their functionality in their names. For example stoney cloud or stoney safe.

Existing Self-Service Modules

  • stoney core: Main framework responsible for shared functionality (used to be self-care):
    • REST API, which serves as a data and business logic abstraction layer and uses JSON as the primary data interchange format.
    • User management, rights and roles.
    • A consistent look and feel between modules.
    • Internationalization.
  • stoney backup: On-line backup service for desktops, servers and virtual machines.

Work in progress


  • stoney conductor: Responsible for:
    • Storage allocation
    • Network configuration
    • Virtual machine profiles
    • Virtual machine templates
    • Virtual machines
    • Virtual machine snapshots
    • Virtual machine full backups
  • stoney monitor: Monitoring (with Zabbix).
  • stoney orchestra: Configuration Management (with Puppet).
  • stoney box: An on-line storage service (will support WebDAV via HTTPS and SFTP, later CIFS as well).
  • stoney web: Web & Database hosting service (based on Apache and MariaDB).


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