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This document describes the OpenLDAP directory data organisation for the stoney cloud. This directory is the database for all the services. Each service has its own module, which normally consists of:

  • An OpenLDAP directory service entry, which contains all the relevant data like main configuration, default settings and the service entries.
  • The web interface section, which hooks itself into the stoney core main framework.
  • Finally, a provisioning daemon, which is responsible for adding, modifying and deleting the actual service on the different back-end systems.


All Service-, User- and Billing-Data are stored in the OpenLDAP directory. The OpenLDAP directory runs in Multi-Master Mirror-Mode for high availability.

Data Organisation

The following chapters explain the data organisation of the stoney cloud OpenLDAP directory.


The following LDIF shows the base entry of the whole OpenLDAP directory tree for the stoney cloud:

dn: dc=stoney-cloud,dc=org
objectclass: top
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
dc: stoney-cloud
o: stoney-cloud

The following LDIF shows the root of the whole OpenLDAP directory tree for the stoney cloud modified for the company stepping stone GmbH in Switzerland:

dn: o=stepping-stone,c=ch
objectclass: top
objectclass: organization
o: stepping-stone

The entry c=ch stands for the country code of Switzerland while o=stepping-stone stands for the the organisation stepping-stone. The entry stepping-stone is in the process of being reserved at the Federal Office of Communications. With the reservation of the name, all the directory entries will be unique over the whole world.

The base entry can be chosen during the installation process of the stoney cloud. If you decide to use the default entry, you'll end up with dc=stoney-cloud,dc=org.


stoney core is the main framework responsible for shared functionality (also called self-care):

  • User management, rights and roles.
  • A consistent look and feel between modules.
  • Internationalization.

Visit stoney core: OpenLDAP directory data organisation for the details.


The sub tree ou=services,dc=stoney-cloud,dc=org contains all the stoney cloud services like stoney conductor (virtualization) or stoney backup (on-line backup).

dn: ou=services,dc=stone-cloud,dc=org
objectclass: organizationalUnit
objectclass: top
ou: services

The actual services (modules) are described in the following chapters.

stoney conductor (virtualization)

The stoney conductor module collects all the virtualization related functionality:

  • Storage allocation
  • Network configuration
  • Virtual machine profiles
  • Virtual machine templates
  • Virtual machine catalogue
  • Virtual machines
  • Virtual machine snapshots
  • Virtual machine full backups

stoney vm (subset of virtualization)

The stoney vm module is a simplified sub set of the stoney conductor functionality.

stoney backup (on-line backup)

The stoney backup module is an on-line backup service for desktops, servers and virtual machines.

stoney monitor (monitoring)

The stoney monitor module offers a monitoring service with Zabbix for internal servers, external servers and virtual machines.

stoney orchestra (configuration management)

The stoney orchestra module. With this service virtual machines managed by stoney conductor or stoney vm can be set up during the first installation. If desired, the regular maintenance (updates) can me managed through this module too. This ia achieved with the help of Puppet.