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The stoney cloud is an Open Source Cloud Management turnkey solution to build public and private clouds.

Thanks to the intuitive and simple graphical user interface, the operation of your stoney cloud is fairly easy.


  • Turnkey solution to build public and private clouds.
  • Runs unmodified Windows and Linux servers as well as desktops on commodity hardware.
  • Persistent and non-persistent virtual machines.
  • User friendly web interface to manage every aspect of your cloud.
  • Backups configurable via web interface.
  • Clear separation between the infrastructure and application and service layer.
  • Integration and provisioning of the Zabbix Monitoring solution.
  • Integration and provisioning of the Puppet Configuration Management solution.
  • Multi-tenant capable (not yet implemented in the web interface).


The following image gives an overview of the life cycle of a virtual machine, starting with the ISO file and ending with a persistent or non-persistent virtual machine. Workflow Compact.png