2013-07-18 Telephone Conference DEVROOM / stepping stone GmbH

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Transcript of the Telephone Conference between DEVROOM / stepping stone GmbH

Location Skype
Date Thursday, the 18th of July 2013
Time 11:00 until 12:00
  • Christian Wittkowski <christian.wittkowski@devroom.de>: CWI
  • Michael Eichenberger <michael.eichenberger@stepping-stone.ch>: MEI (Transcript)
Non participants
  • Christian Affolter <christian.affolter@stepping-stone.ch>: CAF
  • Pat Kläy <pat.klaey@stepping-stone.ch>: PKL
  • Tiziano Müller <tiziano.mueller@stepping-stone.ch>: TMU
  • Selfcare Interface
    • Concentration on Customers and People/Employees
    • First Product: Online Backup
  • Quick & Dirty for 15th of August 2013 or clean architecture?
  • Requirements
  • Next Steps


No. Text What? Who? When?


  • Reseller exists, is manually added by stepping stone GmbH.
  • Reseller Administrator (person) exists, ist manually added by stepping stone GmbH.
  • The Reseller Administrator can add new people and/or employees, customers and products (Online Backup).
Info MEI 2013-07-18


  • The employees can add customers and products (Online Backup).
  • The employees can change the quota of a Online Backup product.
  • The employees can set a new password for people.
Info MEI 2013-07-18


  • Can't do anything at the moment.
Info MEI 2013-07-18
4 Info CWI/MEI 2013-07-18
5 Info CWI/MEI 2013-07-18
6 Info CWI/MEI 2013-07-18
7 Info CWI/MEI 2013-07-18